O Ecstasy! (1/21/18)

O Ecstasy! (1/21/18)

I wish the bird of soul would fly only in the sky of Ecstasy,

because the soul’s candle doesn’t shine

in any palace except that one.


Although Ecstasy’s bird of fortune casts his shadow over everything and everyone,

the Sun of God’s favor shines bright on the heads of lovers.


Lovers don’t pay attention to those fortunes,

even if they reach a hundred thousand favors and blessings.

They long only for the troubles of Ecstasy.


Look at me. See how I threw myself into those troubles

as soon as I found such pleasure in the abyss of Ecstasy.


O lover, don’t be a friend of depressed people.

That air of Ecstasy will become polluted.


If you want to find the pleasure of Ecstasy,

be cruel to the one who is in love with himself.


If you knew and understood Ecstasy,

you wouldn’t care about leading, about being in command.

O Ecstasy!

To become on top and in control, you must turn into the dirt under your feet.


It is nice to be at a higher station than the sultan, to be against the sultanate,

but all of this cannot be blood money for Ecstasy.


O owner of Ecstasy’s house,

if you want Shams of Tebriz to be your guest, vacate the house from your self.

Vacate from all of your existence.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 8b, Gazel 199, Verses 1831-1840, Pages 160-161.


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