O Heart, What Are You Waiting For? (8/21/16)

O Heart, What Are You Waiting For? (8/21/16)
O Heart, What Are You Waiting For? (8/21/16)

Beloved, look at us. You are the soul of the eye’s sight.

How can I tell you that you took our heart?

You are our heart.




Souls rejoice when you put our heart under your feet.

When you wound us to the bottom of our heart, it eats honey; it chews sugar.


When you spread out your arms to enter the dance,

The body gives his soul to you.

Something happens to death when you act coy and dance: It starts to come to life.


If torment and oppression are like that, how scarce could be the harvest of loyalty?

O heart, what are you waiting for?

Give your soul to this torment; play with your soul.


I am so drunk today that I am totally out of myself.

My love, wherever you are, hold my hand and pull me there.


Whatever you need comes from the sky to you.

How could your pearls decrease? You are at the bottom of the sea.


My soul, the pupil of the eye became somebody because of you.

You are the source of every understanding, the essence of opinion.

What is the use of the eye without you?


O soul, clap your hands with drunkenness.

You exist. You are happy and healthy. All is right in the world of Union.

What a nice soul you are.


O soul, why are you afraid?  You are soul, not flesh, not self.

The body has been a mine of fear.

You are joy and spectacular pleasure.


O day, what a beautiful day you are.

You are like a candle that increases pleasure and music.

One day, have the soul reach Him, honor and nourish Him.


O early dawn, source of awareness, you have such a fresh breath.

Blow the breath of Jesus to the ones whose hearts are sleeping.


O God’s Shams of Tabriz, when you rise from the East,

Even the sun is engulfed by your glory and becomes an invisible star.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 3, Gazel 222, Verses 2077-2088, Pages 381-382.

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