Once Love Comes to Talk (10/29/17)

Once Love Comes to Talk (10/29/17)

The mind is a bondage to lovers and the ones on the journey, O son.

The road is clear, obvious if you break your ties, O son.


The mind is an impediment. The heart is a deception.

The soul is a curtain. The body is coarse.

The road is hidden because of all this heaviness, O son.


If you give up your mind, your soul and your heart, if you leave them behind,

it is possible to reach total understanding and see your way clearly, O son.


The man who has not gone beyond himself is not a man.

If it is not from Soul, Love is only a fable, O son.


Make your chest, your heart a target for the arrow of His order.

Know this well: That arrow is in His tight bow.


There are hundreds of signs on the face of a person

whose heart has been wounded by His arrows, O son.


Even if you climb to the seventh layer of the sky like Enoch,*

know that the Beloved’s Love is the strongest ladder, O son.


Wherever there is a caravan of courteous, graceful ones, pay attention.

He is the caravan master, O son.


His Love casts a shadow on the earth like a roof.

Love is His hunter in the sky, O son.


Love doesn’t need my interpretation, nor the interpretation of hundreds like me.

When Love tells the Truth, Love has hundreds of interpreters, O son.


Don’t ask for Love from me or from anyone else.

Ask for it from Love.

Once Love comes to talk, Love scatters pearls, O son.


Love is not the business of delicate people who fall asleep at the gathering.

Love is for brave ones, for wrestlers, O son.


The one who is a servant, a slave to lovers and Truth is a sultan,

the sultan of sultans, lord of a fortunate conjunction, O son.


This world is full of deceits and tricks.

It shouldn’t keep you away from Love.

Know this well: This disloyal world will run away from you, O son.


The verses of this poem don’t fit each other.

But, even if the curtains are changed, the meaning is the same, O son.

*Enoch is a figure in Biblical literature. “In the seventh generation from Adam,” he was considered the author of the Book of Enoch and also called Enoch the scribe of judgment. Wikipedia

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 8a, Gazel 67, Verses 589-603, Pages 124-126.

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