Someone Is Hidden Here (12/13/15)

Someone Is Hidden Here (12/13/15)
Someone Is Hidden Here (12/13/15)

Someone is hidden here, holding my skirt.

He bends backward and grabs my hair, keeps pulling me.


There is someone secret here like the soul, better than the soul.

He has shown me a garden, taken over my house and belongings.


Someone is hidden here like an image in my heart.

But, the light of His face covers all of my being.


Someone is secret here, like the sugar in sugar cane.

He is a candy man, sweet, sweetest.  He has taken over my store.


Magician?  Sorcerer?  Nobody can see Him.

A merchant who knows all about business has taken the scale from my hands.


I am mixed with Him like rose marmalade.

I have taken His habits; He has gained my dispositions.


I don’t even see the beauties of this earth.

My eyelashes can absorb nothing but His beautiful image.


I am ill.  I turn around the world, but find no help from anyone.

In the end, I see His trouble, take my remedy from His hand.


You will also find the remedy if your heart is roasted and burned,

If you keep turning around your troubles.


You will find pearls and coral

If you give up hope and plunge into that sea.


Break the spell of appearance. Open the soul’s eye

And see my power, my splendor which covers both East and West.


When you open the soul’s eye. you will see that the Cupbearer of Absence has come.

Greed, you kept my promise, offered a glass of wine.


O Noah who knows and sees the soul, I hold your skirt and pull,

Because as you can see, my boat covers the whole world.


I ask, “Is it proper? If You are our throne, why is our head wounded?

You are our cave’s friend.  Why would our friend be a slave?”


He answered, “Quit crying. Look at the direction from where your crying comes.

Lovers become soul and obtain My sustenance.”


Heartbroken friends sit at the top of the house of my heart.

Drunks and wine worshipers fill all of my space.


Hunt your prey like sporting dogs.  Get your wine.

Don’t be like a barking dog in my barn.


See that Shemseddin of Tebriz has risen in the sky of Soul.

The glory of His face covers and sparkles light onto my world.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 2, Gazel 94, Verses 2987-3004, Pages 180-182

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