Such a Love (2/23/2020)

Such a Love (2/23/2020)

I need such a Beloved that my soul will hold His stirrup.

I need such a musician that Venus will die in front of Him.


I have such a  big glass that it keeps laughing at oceans.

I have such a crazy, insane heart

that it accepts neither bond nor advice.


O my God, as you know, I have a soul which cannot stand being without You.

Is there a fish which could run away from water?


What a beautiful being You have and how nicely drunk I am.

My being adores You. Drunkenness is mine.


Come to your senses. Be silent, be silent.

Choose a Love which gives you joy without sorrow every moment,

which lets you accept everything without refusal.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 15, Ghazal 38, verses 446-450, page 87.

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