The Smoke and Saliva of Thought (1/22/17)

The Smoke and Saliva of Thought (1/22/17)

If Love has the desire to embrace and kiss someone,

who could resist, my friend, who could?


When the Sultan goes hunting, the place where He hunts smiles.

But, when the Sultan becomes the hunt, what can you say to that?


When my heart becomes the drunk of such dreamy eyes,

even a thousand cups of wine can’t take care of my hangover.


When I die and become soil and my soil turns into small particles of dust,

every particle of mine will still be in love with that Beloved.


When the wind raises dust and you hear a tumult,

you can be sure it is my particle in that dust.


My sigh is shy because of His Moon face, but my heart is calm.

My heart doesn’t bemoan that calmness, which causes me shame.


There is nothing better than to be patient nowadays,

but not when it comes to reaching Him.


O one whose feet have gotten stuck in existence,

who goes after benefits and rewards,

How can you be benefited as long as you stay like that,

never outside of yourself?


Don’t make a spider’s web with the smoke and saliva of thought.

Thought’s texture and weaving are very weak, very fragile.


Go, leave thought to the One who gave it to you.

Look for the Sultan, not thought.

That Sultan will scatter jewels for you.


Because when you keep silent, the talk will be His.

When you stop sewing and weaving,

The Almighty Creator is the One who does the sewing and weaving.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 7a, Gazel 94, Verses 1066-1076, Pages 268-269


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