There is No Family for You.. Except Love (8/7/2022)

If there is one who doesn’t have a trace of His Love,
cover that one with a cloud,
because he is the enemy of the Moon.

How dry is the tree which doesn’t grow in this garden.
How contemptible is the saint
who doesn’t stay in the shade of this tree.

Even if you are offered peerless pearls,
don’t even bother with anything except this Love,
because there is no family for you,
no father, no mother except Love.

There is one who gets worse every day
because of Love’s trials,
one who is inflicted with the disease of death
inflicted by Love’s religion.

If you see a sign or trace of such color on someone’s face,
rest assured that that one doesn’t belong to the human species.

If you see the belt of Love on any cane,
take it into your arms,
because that cane is a sugar cane.

Oh Shams of Tebriz,
they lead you to the trap with tricks.
There are disbelievers all around.
It’s hard to be safe from them.

Divan-i Kebir, Volunme 20, ghazal 4, verses 39-45, pages 7-8.

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