This Is a Gift for You (2/7/16)

This Is a Gift for You (2-7-16)
This Is a Gift for You (2-7-16)

You are hiding your heart from me, pretending you don’t know anything about it.

You are mixing up words and all the letters of the alphabet as if you don’t know how to write.



I am the one who has written all those things on your imagination.

How can I not know the secret of your heart?  I am inside of your soul.


I am better and brighter than the sun.

Particles of souls are dancing in front of me.

They all turn toward my temple where I scatter pearls.


How could particles be visible without sunshine?

O atoms, how can you stay away from my gravity?


The earth has been turning around my light like a moth.

I am the one who burns its wings.


This cracking up piece-by-piece, this indescribable Love is union with the Beloved.

If you want to understand Love, I will take you to His presence.


If you are in doubt, rest assured that that doubt comes from me to you.

I draw down deep the one who denies the truth with that trick.


If you are faithful, this also comes from me.

I catch the ones who are at the top with the same net, save them from blasphemy.


If you have any grief, any trouble, find me in that grief, see me in that trouble,

Because the arrow of distress flies out from my bow.


When difficulty turns into comfort, when arrows become shields, pay attention.

This also comes from my favors.  This is a gift for you.


Wherever this Beauty exists, relations are all right there.

But, I cannot talk where the Master of Greatness exists.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 2, Gazel 62, Verses 2681-2682, Pages 118-119


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