Why Do You Worry? (5/31/2020)

Why Do You Worry? (5/31/2020)

Since you are My drunk, O My soul,

don’t worry about the troubles you have.

Since you are My gazelle, O My soul,

don’t worry about the male lion.


Why do you think about days and months, O My moon-faced one,

as long as I am here?

As long as you have My longing, My exaltation,

why do you worry about evil and confusion?


Since you have become the source of sugar cane,

why do you make a sour face?

Since Love’s Burak* has become submissive to you,

why do you care about the donkey of death?


Why do you bemoan coldly

when I provide you with so much warmth?

Since you have ascended to the roof of the sky,

why do you care about wet and dry?


You have heard My voice.

You have seen Me heal others.

You have watched Me jumping out of ropes.

Why do you care about the wheel of fortune?


Why do you hang onto this shape?

Why are you afraid of becoming meaningless?

Why are you worried about losing a pearl

when you are sitting in an armchair made of pearls?


O Joseph, who could escape from your hand, your hook?

All of Egypt is your drunk.

Why do you worry about the blind and deaf?


You are a friend of the cave of the heart.

You are the light of the four friends of that cave.**

Since you are in the possession of Zulfekaar,***

why do you bother with a dagger?


All gardens and meadows are yours.

Keep eating those sugars.

What would happen if they closed all the doors?

Closed doors don’t bother you.


You have seen your own work.

Look at, watch your arms and wings.

Understand your fame and honor.

Why do you care about the actions and opinions

of every dishonest, disreputable person?


O one who has become soul to the Soul of souls,

who has become soul to guests, O Sultan of sultans,

what do you care for Sencer?****


Be silent like a fish.

Dive nicely into that sea.

Since you are at the bottom it,

why do you care about the fire?

*Love’s Burak  Legendary white horse on which the Prophet Muhammad ascended into heaven.

**friends of the cave  Quran XVIII, 9-26.

***Zulfekaar  The famous sword of Ali, cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad, and the first Imam appointed by Muhammad..

****Sencer  A ruler of the Iranian Selcuks. Symbolizes a great sultan. (d. 1157)

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 16, Ghazal 163, verses 1918-1929, pages 147-148.

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