“Yes, that is me.” (1/31/2021)

“Yes, that is me.” (1/31/2021)

It comes to me that I am out of this world today.

It comes to me that today, I am hidden from my self.


I grabbed the knife and cut off my existence.

Now, I don’t belong to me or anyone else.


I didn’t say that correctly.

I didn’t cut off my existence myself.

My soul did it for me.


How is the fire in my heart doing?

I don’t know, because my tongue is burning in a different way.


I have seen my self in hundreds of different forms.

Once I see one of them, I say, “Yes, that is me.”


Although I said, “I have seen myself in hundreds of different forms,”

maybe I am not a form.

I don’t seem to leave any trace, any sign.


All those forms are in my heart.

They resemble guests. I am their guest house.

They come and go from me.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 18, Ghazal 137, verses 1350-1356, page 58.


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