You Are the Only One (12/11/16)

You Are the Only One (12/12/16)

You are the only one with us from the beginning of the beginning, O Love.

Tell us the secrets one by one; You are in the same house as we are.


We were afraid of Your fire. That’s why we closed our mouth, quit talking.

What a fire You are. What a flame You have.


The city of the mind has been demolished because of You.

You are wind for the candle of reason.

You are wine for the fire worshipers.


You are a friend around friends, an enemy around enemies.

You resemble them both.


“The words of lovers are fables.” That’s what the wise ones say.

If that is so, how can You turn the night into day?


O Beautiful One whose beauty manifests instigation,

this instigation is Love.

You are the appearance and result of this Love.


O Shemseddin, Sultan of Sultans, the one to whom Tebriz gives praise,

You are the glory, charm, and beauty of the Earth.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 4, Gazel 132, Verses 4004-4010, Page 264.


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