I am at Peace with Him (11/18/18)

No One Is a Stranger There (11/18/18)

Every mind becomes confused when it sees Your face.

Every face is scratched by Your Absence.


I have become drunk because of Your reproach.

I don’t even know if Your pure wine is better than a sedimented one.


The mind’s eye turns into a blind Turk

in front of Your greatness.


I act as if I were deaf

so the one who praises Him has to raise his voice.


How could anyone who drinks wine not be drunk?

How could someone who has such a slave and servant not be exalted?


A mention of the breath which is blown to the Earth

fills from mountain to mountain with roses.


The place for the soul is close to Your Beauty,

such a place that no one is a stranger there.


Even the sky falls on its knees

if it smells the musk in Your belly button.


The one who comes to Him comes to immortality

and is freed from this land of turbulence.


The soul has given up the world.

His excuse is, “I have come to an agreement with Him.

I am at peace with Him.”

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 12, Gazel 49, Pages 88-89, Verses 520-529.


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