Many Think This is Easy (10/18/2020)

Many Think This is Easy (10/18/2020)

One should not try to avoid Him for even one moment.

Only ruin and wreckage come from being distance!


You say, “What could happen? I could come back.”

You could, but only if your heart opens its door again. Continue reading “Many Think This is Easy (10/18/2020)”

I was Amazed (10/11/2020)

I was Amazed (10/11/2020)

When I was drinking wine in Your tavern one day,

I started ripping off this cloak of mine, this cloak made of clay.

In Your tavern, I saw the harmony in its workings

and in the workings of the Universe.

There was such a balance of creation and destruction.

I was amazed.

Rubailer (2016), Rubai #2, page 326.