A Curtain to the Soul (1/8/17)

A Curtain to the Soul (1/8/17)

The words which come from Soul are a curtain to the soul.

The fog which comes from the sea hides the coast and the sea’s pearls.


It is a great task to get involved in philosophical discourses.

But, explanation is the curtain to the Sun of Truth.


God’s attributes resemble the sea. This world is like foam.

But, this foam, this universe is the curtain to the pureness and neatness of the sea.


Burst and eliminate the bubble so you can reach the water.

Don’t look at the bubble, the foam which covers the sea.


Don’t gaze through shapes and forms on the earth, in the sky.

Don’t think of them, because these forms and shapes are a sham of time, a curtain.


Split the shell of the alphabet in order to get the essence of the word.

Hair usually covers the face, the eyes of the Beloved.


You think every image opens the curtain.

Throw away this image.

In fact, the image is the curtain to you.


The Earth, which is nothing and the land of nothing, is God’s proof of His work.

But, this proof is also covering the beauty of God.


Although existence is a small piece

chipped from Shams who is the mine,

it is such a piece!

Still, it is a curtain to the soul. It doesn’t show the mine.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 7a, Gazel 76, Verses 872-880, Pages 232-233


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