Anger (6/16/19)

Anger (6/16/19)

If you keep getting angry on your journey,

your exuberance will soon fade away.

You will turn into cold ice.


And if your anger turns into fury.

that may look and feel like sugar, but it is actually poison.


A blind rat is angry.

‘How does that harm the barn of the One who gives blessings?


If a few flies gathered around the sugar of the candy man,

how much harm could they cause?


If one who milks camels breaks a cup,

what happens to the milk of the camel?


It was night. Everyone was asleep.

No one’s mind was in his head.


As a favor, that moon started playing the zurna,*

which caused excitement to break out all over.


If you don’t see that side and stay behind this curtain,

you will shed your own blood.


Thanks to the Love of Shems of Tebriz,

we talk with Love and, at the same time, keep silent.

*Zurna  A kind of shrill pipe.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 14, Gazel 192, Verses 2099-2107, Pages 127-128.

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