As Long As Existence Persists (5/19/19)

We have seen that time has no beginning of its beginning,

because we are the ones who have fallen in Love.

The others are merely spectators.


Those spectators are tired and bored.

Only that red-hot heart who eats lightning remains.


Like the sky, we are friends and acquaintances of the Sun.

Unlike the stars, we are not concealed.


We are pointed out by fingers.

We are known, obvious like a camel on top of a minaret.


Nothing remains of us but an image.

Even that has been broken into pieces and will disappear.


There are those on the journey who are looking for a remedy.

There is no remedy as long as existence persists.


They are in the fire of Love,

but still raw like iron, like copper or rock,


Those travelers have plunged bravely into a sea

which has no boundary.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 14, Gazal 168, Verses 1841-848, Page 87.

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