Be Silent. I Will Read (6/20/2021)

If you fall in Love with me,

I will make you utterly confused.

Don’t construct anything,

because in the end, I will destroy you.


Even if you make hives like a honey bee,

I will still make you homeless like a fly.


You want to make people admire you,

but I want to make you drunk and make you the admirer.


Even if you become the mountain of Kaf,

I will turn you around like a windmill.


If you become Plato or Loqman* in knowledge,

with only one look, I will make you ignorant.


You are like a dead bird in my hand.

I will set a trap for other birds along with you.


You are in front of the treasure, curled in sleep, like a snake.

But, I will make you writhe and wiggle like a wounded snake.


Whether you exhibit proof or not,

I will turn you into the kind of proof

which no one will be able to deny.


Whether you say, “La Havle”** or not,

I will make you La Havle to Satan-like flames.


O captive one, how long will you be covering yourself

with this and that?

You know there is that.

If you give up everything, I will make you that.


O shell, since you have come to our sea,

I will turn you into a shell which scatters pearls.


I will sacrifice you like Ishmael***

with the knife which cannot cut your throat.


Since you are Abraham, don’t be afraid of the fire.

I will create hundreds of rose gardens for you

inside of that fire.


Hold onto our robe if yours gets wet.

Hold it, so I can give you a robe made of moonlight.


I am good luck for you.

I cast my shadow on you.

That’s the way I will make you Fereydun,****

change you into a sultan.


Come to your senses. Read less.

Be silent. I will read.

I will turn you into the real Quran.

*Loqman  A legendary doctor.

**La Havle  Praise and submission: There is no strength or power but in God.

***Ishmael  Second son of Abraham. Abraham brought Ishmael to Mount Moriah where, at God’s command, Abraham build a sacrificial alter to sacrifice Ishmael as a test of faith. At the last moment, an angel of God stopped him.

****Fereydun  A famous, mythical Persian King.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 9, Ghazal 84, verses 892-907, pages 135-136.

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