Do You Know What Love Is? (4/3/16)

Do You Know What Love Is? (4/3/16)
Do You Know What Love Is? (4/3/16)

O sword of time, pull out from the sheath of space.

Dive into the sea like a fish.

Swim this endless sea of meanings.




Don’t wish to unite: Union is an attribute of the body.

I see such closeness that it is closer than closeness.


Even man doesn’t want several owners.

Why would God want a second one in His providence?


Is there a lover who would have two Beloveds?

Fall in love in such a way that Love will free you from all captivities.


Love is the light of my soul, my morning wine.

Love is such a hope that all hope gathers there.


Do you know what Love is?

Love is leaving “me,” “we,” and all claims of “being” behind,

Destroying all desire and longing in the Creator of Beauty.


My words are smoke;

The fire is in my heart behind the smoke.

My Love is increasing every day,


My heart wants You more and more.

My God, don’t stop me from having that wish.

My God, You see me absolving You from all defects:

You increase my fire more and more.


I absolve from defects the One who sees me.

I absolve from defects the One who sees and watches.

I absolve from defects the One who is calling me…

Not calling to try me, but calling me with His grace.


Be silent.  The color of my face, my tears explain my situation.

The shape I am in from the Love which is greater than pure meaning

Cannot fit into meaning.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 2, Gazel 138, Verses 3415-3424, Pages 270-271

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