“God Knows Best” (3/5/17)

“God Knows Best” (3/5/17)

I became the confidant of the One who set out to search.

I became a friend of the One who settled down in the land of Glory.


I saw a dome beyond the six dimensions.

I turned into the floor, the dirt of that dome.


I became blood, effervescence in the vessel of Love.

I became tears in the eyes of His lovers.


Sometimes I was total expression, like Jesus.

Sometimes I was a silent heart, like Mary.


Believe me, I became the things

that Jesus and Mary lost.


I turned into wounds and salve

for the everlasting lance of Love.


The angel of death was my company with every step.

I wasn’t worried or afraid of him.


I fought with death face to face.

I derived great pleasure from it.


I threw out the burden of existence.

Then, I stepped into the stirrup of immortality.


Hear my ney* of immortality.

My back is bent like a harp,

but you can still hear that ney‘s sound coming from me.


God knows better. Once God showed His face,

I reached the secret of “God knows best.”


Shams of Tebris is the biggest Eid.**

I became a big sacrifice for that Eid.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 9, Gazel 81, Verses 853-863, Pages 136-137.

*ney An end-blown flute that figures prominently in Middle Eastern music.

**Eid In Islam, a religious holiday.

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