I Am Right Here (11/17/19)

I Am Right Here (11/17/19)

“I don’t have anything to do with this.”

That’s what you said, looking quite sour.

Words like “vinegar is a nice condiment” were written all over your face.


If you were to take two or three steps

away from anger and greed to calm and modesty,

you would be exalted and changed into honey.

Besides you, you would be sweetening the entire universe.

So, what is this laziness?


I have looked in the wrong way.

I have spoken in the wrong way.

I am always the friend of wrong.

If I could only see Your face, my eyes wouldn’t be crossed like this.


O heart, if you see yourself as crooked, that is from you, not from the mirror.

First, you must straighten yourself.


Someone went to the opening of a well and saw the Moon at the bottom

Yet, the Moon yelled from the sky, “Don’t worry. I am right here.”


Don’t look for the Moon at the bottom.

There is no existence in Absence.

The one who sows the seeds of Abu Cehil, that father of ignorance,

cannot harvest sugar cane.


True Beauty is for one to be annihilated in existence.

Yet, you search for Beauty in existence, O my friend.

This is not the place to solve such a difficulty.

Go to where you can get something.


You are such a duck

that you are looking for the Moon on the water in which you swim.

You are such that, instead of taking steps and going on a journey,

you stay sitting at home.


Sober ones have all become lost on this road,

traveling with their heads, their feet.

What can I do? I am so drunk.


My God, hold the hand of Your drunk.

Otherwise, he will do the same to himself

which he does to the world when he is drunk.


You made me upside down, but brought me closer to You.

The boil gets better after it is squeezed.


After all this wine and drunkenness, You straightened my affairs.

I took refuge in You.

Come on, O lazy ones.


O Shems of Tebriz, you are neither from this East nor that West.

Nor are you from the Sun which eclipses and becomes dark.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 15, Ghazal 66, verses 735-737, pages 145-146.



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