Even If Centuries Go By (7/24/2022)

A beautiful moon has appeared to me, shining so brightly.

How nice that the Almighty created Him!


He has joined with my soul and given me more life.

Today, thanks to Him, more greatness and exaltation come from me.


Even if this Love consumes me and turns me into a shadow,

I will still call Him secretly and speak with Him openly.


I beg Him constantly to lift up the veils.

I beg Him constantly to satisfy this tremendous thirst

with the water of union


I won’t separate from Love,

even as time cuts me apart one piece after another.

Even if centuries go by, I will never tire of Love .

Tire? God forbid. That is impossible.


A lover is like a fish and Love is the ocean.

As long as the fish is in the ocean,

it will never tire.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 20, Ghazal 2, verses 13-19, pages 3-4.

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