Reach Peace (1/9/2022)

Reach Peace (1/9/2022)

It is vain for you to try to separate my Beloved from me.

I have become Him.

What can you do to Him? Tell me.


You cannot see even a hair between us.

Nor can you see either of us being ashamed.


Even if a lover becomes disgraced, don’t judge his faults.

It is not the sea’s fault if there is nothing in it.


O one who is putting his hands in the water,

if you want to pick up dry bricks, come to this side.


You want to make rain fall from the earth,

making it fall onto the sky

like an upside-down cloud.


Love cuts your long, sharp fingernails.

You can scratch that head now.


If you get rid of your indecision,

you can settle down on the coast of Love and reach peace.


O sweet soul, don’t bother the person

who cannot differentiate spring from fall.


That one cannot even see the difference

between a cough and a sneeze,

between a fox and a lion.


Because of just saying such a thing,

I have plunged into the Sea of Absence

and am swimming with the waves.


I quit my work and occupation because of Shams of Tabriz.

If you are a good businessman,

come and join my business.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 19, Ghazal 253, verses 2604-2614, pages 94-95.

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