The One Who Exists Is Not Me (5/20/18)

The One Who Exists Is Not Me (5/20/18)

“O Sultan of the Earth,” I said in the early dawn,

“I swear to God that there is no one who matches You.

No one is Your peer.


“Your rank, Your value cannot be comprehended.

You never change Your promise.

O greatest of the great sultans, Your door is never closed.


“My body resembles a grain of mustard to the One

who astounds it, burns it, fries it, causes it to tremble like an earthquake.

Who cannot pass out of himself after seeing You?


“I have reached the stage where I exist, but the one who exists is not me.

Everything next to me except You is nothing.

O generous Sultan, Your opponent is deceived and stupid.


“O my soul who knows and understands these words,

the one who sees Your face can ride the horse and checkmate everyone.”

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 10, Gazel 62, Verses 675-679, Page 138.


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