The Real Sky (12/17/2023)

The Real Sky (12/17/2023)

Lovers, keep working hard.

When you become free from the soul and flesh,

your heart will become free from the heavy burden of your body.

It will fly to the sky.


Wash heart and soul with the water of wisdom.

Purify them from dirt and dust

so that your eyes no longer stay on this Earth.


Whatever there is in this world,

Love is the Soul of it all.

Everything dies out except Love.

Love is the only thing which remains.


Your Absence resembles the east. your existence the west.

But this true east and true west

are in a different sky.

The sky you see above you is only temporary.


The real sky is inside of you.

Use the wings of Love to fly there.

When those wings become strong,

you won’t need a ladder.


Don’t look at the world outside of you.

There is another world inside of your eye.

if you close that eye, nothing remains.

The outside world disappears.


Your heart is like a flat roof.

Your senses are the gutters.

When you have no gutters,

you can drink water from the roof.


Read this whole poem in your heart.

Don’t look at my tongue and lips,

because they won’t remain.


The human body is a bow.

His breath and His words are an arrow.

When that arrow is gone, the bow can’t do anything.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 22, Ghazal 8, verses 63-71, pages 16-17.

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