The Situation Is Not Like That (8/20/17)

The Situation Is Not Like That (8/20/17)

Between the darkness of sleep and the light of awakening,

in the dark of evening, I saw such a person!


He was a traveler with such a beautiful face, on his journey to the Holy Temple.

He was pure wisdom, the light of awareness.


His body was blessed like the soul, undressed from the flesh.

He was pure essence, like the soul. He was not an attribute.


He praised me for awhile, saying,

“O one who got stuck in the hell of nature,


“The sign of Gemini has set a table for your drinking pleasure.

How can you stick your head in the stink hole of the universe?


“Although your throne today is the throne of seven skies,

because of nature, you have been caged within four walls.

You are in prison.


“Don’t expect your soul to progress like an animal from food and sleep.

You were born for a different kind of work than that.


“Don’t harm anyone, because you will harvest with the sickle of time

whatever you sow in this field of short-living crops.


“You struggle through in this world to reach your goals.

When you win in trouble and difficulties, you think you have reached comfort and happiness.

But, the situation is not like that.


“Really, the stomach of greed and ambition can never be satiated.

Even if you put all the world’s possessions into it, it would never be full.


“Assuming you have everything you want, what’s the use?

When you go, you will leave everything, everyone behind.


“O my friend, the night of your youth is coming to an end.

But, you are still in deep sleep like a drunk.

You have no idea of wakefulness.”

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 7b, Gazel 281, Verses 3594-3605, Pages 324-325.

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