The Water…Becomes the Rose (11/13/16)

The Water...Becomes the Rose (11/13/16)
The Water…Becomes the Rose (11/13/16)

When You became the Sun, the light of that universe,

You rose to a dead planet.

You became life.


You became sight to the eyes of the blind

and speech to the mute.


You made a deal with the ugly devil, changed him into a beautiful Joseph.

You got into the mouth of the wolf and made him into a shepherd.


Every day You appear in a new hut.

When people turn their faces there, You immediately hide.


Sometimes You kindly touch our brain,

fill our noses with beautiful smells, like the smell of roses.

Sometimes You become a friend of our eyes, turn into a rose garden.


My Sultan, You are the Vizir who walks twisted

and, at the same time, the soul who walks straight.

But, You are always the winner. Nobody knows how You do that.


O Love of whom a trace never appears, turn the pages quickly.

Then, put Your mind on one page.

There, we can see Your trace, Your face.


O heart, at the time of grief and trouble,

be annihilated according to the justice of the Beloved.

If you cheer, you will be annihilated by His grace and favor.


The water disappears in the rose, becomes the rose.

If you do the same, you will have a different disposition, cleaner attributes.


At that time, you will carry that war-cry everywhere, like air.

At that time, you will be witness to the fire of distress, like smoke.


O lover, you will become all, but still be exempt from them all.

Even if you become a sword, you will not have the form or shape of anger.


Now You stop, become silent.  I will stop, too.

Whenever You become word and explanation, then I will start talking again.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 4, Gazel 125, Verses 3917-3928, Pages 249-250.


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