Water Is Never Afraid of the Fire (9/18/16)

Water Is Never Afraid of the Fire (9/18/16)
Water Is Never Afraid of the Fire (9/18/16)

Love has ruined my heart.

It is about time for the Sun to shine on my broken heart.


That Sultan prayed for me, then He accepted His own prayer.

When I heard that, I became so ashamed that I lost all control and fell to the ground.


In order to calm me down, He showed His face many times, but I told Him,

“Every time I look at Your face, it’s covered.

All I see of Your face is the cover.”


Even the light of that cover burns the universe.

What would happen if that Sultan uncovered His face?


Love met me, then passed me by.  I ran after Him.

He turned back to attack, like an eagle, and swallowed me in one bite.


When He swallowed me, I lost all time and place.

I plunged into a most pleasant sea and was saved from sorrow and torment.


The one who has not eaten and digested the morsel of grief

cannot know the taste of this wine.


Prophets depend on that.

They drink trouble like juice because of their trust,

because water is never afraid of the fire.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 4, Gazel 11, Verses 2427-2434, Pages 25-26.

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