Why Does Your Soul Keep Growing? (2/5/17)

Why Does Your Soul Keep Growing? (2/5/17)

Is there a lip from which the smell of Soul doesn’t come?

Is there a heart in which He doesn’t have a trace?


If there are no provisions coming from that famous table,

why is every particle chewing cud like a camel?


If they are not smelling the smell of the stew from that pot,

what are the dogs of nature smelling on the left and the right?


If a spear hasn’t come to hearts from the land of Absence,

why are the lions’ paws trembling like the petals of a rose?


If the majesty and sound of the Shepherd doesn’t come to their souls,

why are thousands of sheep and wolves playing together?


Hundreds of yells and shouts are come to souls, not ears.

Put your mind in your head and listen.

Is it true or not?


If help doesn’t come from the other world every moment,

why does your soul keep growing in this old world?


You put soil on your eyes with your own hands.

That’s why you don’t see new forms clearly.


Watch a hundred thousand great horned owls whose horns are broken.

There are many friends and acquaintances, but the victorious One doesn’t appear.


He washes your hands, your mouth with the water of loyalty.

That’s why that smell of soul’s wine doesn’t come in each breath.


No one has stepped into the garden of Love

without receiving hundreds of greetings from that Gardener.


There are millions of tents beyond Love

which cannot be comprehended because of their greatness.


A star shines on your insides every moment, saying,

“Beware. Don’t talk. Not even a small part of this comes from the sky.”


Close your mouth.

Let the One who creates your mouth do the telling.

He tells things in such a way that you are unable to say them with your tongue.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 7a, Gazel 105, Verses 1195-1208, Pages 290-291

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