Yes (12/25/16)

Yes, that door will be opened in the end.

Yes, in the end, that silver-bodied charmer will appear, show his face.


Our cupbearer remembers those drunks.

Yes, he will come back again with glass and wine.


Yes, the spring of beauty will come to the garden.

Those fresh branches will bloom with flowers.


Yes, green tents will be set in the gardens and meadows.

The water lily and rose will become a pair.


Yes, the skirt of the earth which is filled with sticks and straw

will be filled with musk and ambergris.


Yes, that silver stature and this pale face

will be united with gold and silver.


Yes, the head which has been so tired because of thoughts

will become drunk with that divine wine.


Yes, these eyes which keep shedding tears

will be enlightened by that sight.


Yes, those hearts which become circles on your ear

will acquire earrings from the goldsmith.


Yes, when the beauty of soul pronounces

“There is no God but God” to the unbelieving heart,

that heart will become a believer.


Yes, when Love’s Buraq* comes from the sky,

Soul’s Jesus will be freed from His donkey.


All the people on Earth have been combined into one person.

Yes, that person is better than hundreds of worlds.


I become silent.

But in my heart, yes, in my heart,

sugar canes keep growing.

*Buraq: The white horse on which the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 9, Gazel 147, Verses 1493-1505, Pages 235-36.

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