You Have Me in Return (9/24/2023)

You Have Me in Return (9/24/2023)

Is there no music, no merrymaking for this lover

to help him attain his desire, to get his troubles to settle down?


In the morning, because of his separation,

he was frightened by daily troubles.

But at night, he found mercy from His moon.


The lover said,

“I vow on Your face which resembles the full Moon

that You have burned me to ashes.”

His Beloved answered,

“It is all right. You have Me in return.”


He doesn’t kill this lover.

His brilliance and His greatness do.

Our death has come, but it is difficult to explain.


The greatest desire of all is to long for His Union.

The greatest beauty of all is to be with Him.


The one who compares His face to the Moon,

His stature to the cypress,

the once who tries to find His peer,

certainly that one becomes blasphemous.


The specter of His face is far greater than our soul.

To see Him is beyond the power of our eyes.


There are so many who have wanted to praise Him,

but their tongues are always burned by His sparks.


His sparks burned them, but later His morning came,

shining, illuminating, becoming their answer.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 21, Ghazal 87, verses 939-947, pages 192-193.

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