A Slave of Troubles (3/27/2022)

A Slave of Troubles (3/27/2022)

You were our playmate. What has happened to you?

This is the assembly of souls.

Why are you silenced and petrified?

Before, you were like the iris or cypress, free from sorrows.

Now, after becoming rich and famous,

you are a slave of troubles.

Rubailer (2016), Rubai 1, page 399.

The Rubaiyat of Rumi, The Ergin Translations (apprx. pub. 10/2022), Rubai 847, volume 2.

Try to See the Honey (3/13/2022)

Try to See the Honey (3/13/2022)

Don’t look at me as if I am a stranger.

I am close to you.

Try to see the honey and not just the bees.

Unless you are Satan, look for the meaning of Adam.

Don’t bother with his shape and size.

Rubailer (2016), Rubai 4, page 375.

The Rubaiyat of Rumi, The Ergin Translations (apprx. pub. 5/2022), Rubai 826, Volume 2.

Generous and Merciful (3/6/2022)

Generous and Merciful (3/6/2022)

I pulled you out of the fire of lust, brought you here,

then threw you back into that fire, scattering you there.


You were born from My heart like these words.

Yet, you run, trying to escape. And, you reproach me. Continue reading “Generous and Merciful (3/6/2022)”