Fire (3/14/2021)

Fire (3/14/2021)

The Beloved’s heart is burning for me.

Its flame has turned the Earth’s harvest into ashes.


A candle put a fire in the heart of this slave,

such a candle that it has made a soul of iron and stone

melt like a candle.


Thousands of bright mornings have appeared

in the middle of the night thanks to that candle.


A voice can be heard in the quarter of Love, saying,

“Something like a window has opened in the house of the heart.


What a window it is!

A brand new sun has risen there,

casting no shadow, not even the shadow of a needle.


You know that His grace has grown a rose garden from that fire,

a garden filled with the most beautiful roses of Nesrin.*

You know that kind of light.

You know that that new sun was born from it.


O bad-mannered friend,

come back here from the place where you are.

This is the place to take refuge.


Come to the land of Absence.

This is the land of eternal spring.

Everywhere else is nothing but the coldness of winter.


Since Shemseddin of the soul has come from Tebriz,

it is all good for us.

If you want to give your life, then do it.

*A special variety of rose.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 18, Ghazal 174, verses 1735-1744, pages 123-124.

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