I Will Rise (2/14/2021)

I Will Rise (2/14/2021)

I am not the kind of lion which fights with the enemy.

I fight with my self. That’s enough for me.


I have become dirt for Love’s feet, but am settled in the knowledge

that I will rise from the ground like a rose, like an iris.


I wear dark dresses because of the sorrow of Love.

But, I will rise like a bright moon thanks to that night.


Because of Love’s fire, I have turned into smoke.

But, I will go through the window like smoke.


I am a child whose teacher is Love.

He won’t let me raise my head.

He won’t let me stand up.


I should be alive all the time like Love.

I should cease to eat and sleep.


Come to your senses.

Be silent like Ebu-Bekr-i Rebolis, the rebab player.

Be silent so that I will be a soul out of body.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 18, Ghazal 107, verses 1055-1061, page 9.

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