Like the Sun (5/1/2022

O cupbearer, take some of the weight off of the drunks.

It’s hard to see anyone of value

who isn’t being crushed by troubles and worries.


O rose-faced, cypress-statured Beauty,

come to the rose garden.

You won’t find anything which gives better shade than the cypress.


There weren’t any gutters on the roof,

so He came down  from the eves like light,


I wonder on which house that roof sits.

What a happy place that house must be now.

How lucky is the family who lives there.


Who could expect to find the trace of the One

who rose because of this kind of instigation?


The heart which has been submerged in the Sun

is now filled by sunshine, like the Sun.


Forget the greed of this belly.

Rub your shoulder with a wrestler.

Measure yourself against a hero.


O brother, isn’t it odd?

Aren’t you ashamed of a soul

who is in such need of a piece of bread?


He has called us the Water of Life.

One needs another store besides the baker’s.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 19, ghazal 274, verses 2853-2861, ghazal 274, pages 135-136.

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