This is Expected of You (9/12/2021)

This is Expected of You (9/12/2021)

The mind is a roadblock on the journey, O son.

The road is wide open.

Untie this bond. Tear it, O son.


The mind is a bondage.

The heart is a trick, a deceit.

The soul is a cover and a curtain.

The road is hidden from all three of these, O son.


If you give up mind, heart and soul,

you will reach Truth.

This is expected of you, O son.


The man who hasn’t surpassed himself is not a man.

Love without suffering is nothing but a fictional story, O son.


Make your chest a target of the Beloved.

Look: His bow, His arrow are ready, O son.


There are hundreds of marks and traces

on the forehead of the one

whose heart has been wounded by His arrow.


Love is not for weak and fragile people.

Love is for the strong ones, O son.


The One who is a servant, a slave to lovers,

He is the Sultan of sultans, O son.


Don’t ask for Love from others.

Ask for Love from Love.

It is a cloud which rains pearls, O son.


Love doesn’t need my translation.

Love is His own translator, O son.


If you want to ascend to the seventh level of Heaven,

Love is a beautiful ladder, O son.


Wherever you see a caravan on the road,

make sure that the Qibla* of that caravan is Love, O son.


If this world doesn’t keep you from Love, doesn’t cheat you,

this world will slip away from your eyes, O son.


Come to your senses. Be silent.

Close your mouth like a shell,

because that tongue of yours is the enemy of your soul, O son.


Shams of Tabriz has arrived.

The soul is in joy,

because it has become His companion, O son.

Qibla  The direction of prayer.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 9, Ghazal 50, verses 496-510, pages 78-79.

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