Who Knows God? (4/30/17)

Who Knows God? (4/30/17)

In His eyes, both worlds resemble a piece of grain in front of a rooster.

The eye that has seen Greatness is like that.


In the world of Union, the one who sees the attributes of the One who wants

as being the same as those of the one who is wanted

is neither the one who is wanted nor the One who wants.


Who knows God?

The one who is free from “La.*”

Who is the one free from “La?”

The lover who has been through suffering.


“There is nobody but God in my robe.**”

The lover understands these symbols.

He considers this robe as an ordinary dress which he wants to throw away.

He wants to appear with his real being.


*Not; no. Lailaheillallah: “There is no God but God.”

**A quote from a famous Sufi, Bayezid-i Bestami.

Divan-i Kebir, Meter 7b, Gazel 206, Verses 2757-2760, Pages 168-169.




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