You Are the Antidote…You Are the Bait (7/28/19)

You are the Antidote…You are the Bait (7/28/19)

What is life without You?

Life without You is forbidden.


Living without Your beautiful face is nothing but death,

that thing which was given the name, “life.”


The world is poison.  You are the antidote.

Living is a trap. You are the bait.


This world is like an ink pot. You are a pearl.

Life is a glass. You are the wine.


The rose garden becomes bare and filled with thorns without Your water.

Life is raw, uncooked without Your boiling and exaltation.


Life cannot become mature

without Your mature Beauty.


To attain any and all wishes and desires without You

means being unable to reach the desire of living.


Life doesn’t give greetings

until You give greetings.


I will keep silent. You talk. You are the Sultan.

Life is a servant and slave at Your temple.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 14, Gazel 198, verses 2187-2195, pages 141-142.

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