Focus Your Eyes on Absence (7/4/2021)

Focus Your Eyes on Absence (7/4/2021)

You cut me off like an umbilical cord in the name of drunkenness.

Even then, O Cupbearer, why did You leave me?


You create such Love with every breath.

O One who makes everything appear,

why are You not apparent?


There is that drum.

Why does the One who beats it remain hidden?

What kind of lock is this which has no key?


An unseen hole has developed in my soul.

Wisdom has become the disciple of madness.


Thousands of colors come out of that hole.

But, these colors are beyond white and blue.


Focus your eyes on Absence.

Watch amazing things.

What a hope that is, coming from hopelessness.


Now you are the throne of God.

But, once you were a piece of wood in that rose garden.


You are well known in this village.

But, you were in the world of Nothingness before.


Go back there. Become one of them again.

Why did you fly away from that garden?


They tied your feet with hundreds of thoughts and illusions

and the epigrams of Amid.*

*The vizir of the Tughril Beg period of the Seljuk Empire. His real name was Ebu-Nasr Muhammad, known for his literary knowledge. He was killed in 1063-64.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 19, Ghazal 232, verses 2372-2382, pages 56-57.

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