The Only Way to Reach Eternity (10/23/2022)

Every moment, Your kindness follows after sorrow.

If this were not so, no one could stand this suffering.


Make me constantly drunk

with the wine which gives no hangover.

I don’t want any other wine.


We are the reed bed.

He is the fire, and we are waiting to be burned.


This reed bed is watered by His fire.

It grows, becomes greener because of it.


With the Beloved, we are fresh, green for eternity.

He is such a spring that there is no winter after that.


We will become annihilated, go beyond everything,

because disasters destroy everything that exists.


To become Nothing is to be something.

To die from being, from existence

is the only way to reach eternity.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 9, Ghazal 45, verses 455-461, page 73.

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