No Signs, No Tricks, No Traces (9/27/2020)

No Signs, No Tricks, No Traces (9/27/2020)

The mind may give you what you think is evidence.

Love gives you the Beloved, the Friend.

What comes from the mind is dirty water.

What comes from the Beloved is the Water of Life.

You may ascend to the sky with all the signs of a lover’s journey,

all the evidence which your mind so freely gives.

But in the sky, you will find no signs, no tricks, no traces.

The Rubaiyat of Rumi (2021), Rubai 1376 (Volume 3). 

No Bottom, No Boundary (9/13/2020)

Such a Love (2/23/2020)

Love is an ocean which has no bottom, no boundary.

It is an ocean suspended.

Love is the secret of the One

who has no beginning of the beginning.

All souls are drowned in Love.They live there.

Hope is one drop of that ocean.

The rest of it is fear of separation.

Rubailer (2016), Rubai #2, page 218.