The Sweetness of Eternity (9/16/18)

The Sweetness of Eternity (9/16/18)

There is nothing remaining in my ears except Love’s murmur.

There is nothing remaining in my soul–no reason, no thought–

only the sweetness of Eternity.

The colorless brush of Love has mixed all colors.

Now, it can’t even remember its past.

Rubailer (2016), Page 184, Rubai #4



Only a Fool Says… (9/2/18)

Only a Fool Says… (9/2/18)

Union with God cannot be achieved

until a person completely annihilates his self.

Such a union is not the merging of two to make one.

Union is your total annihilation.

Absurdity doesn’t turn falsehood into Truth.

Only a fool says, “Everything is God.”

Rubailer (2016), Page 179, Rubai #2