The Secrets of Our Heart (5/15/2022)

The Secrets of Our Heart (5/15/2022)

One cannot reflect our fire,

nor can one articulate the secrets of our heart.


Our early morning sighs are not confidants with whom we share our troubles,

nor is a friendly soul even to be found to hear those sighs.


We are not the pearl which has been found in the sea,

nor are we a sea which ever rests.


We are not the meaning which comes from words,

nor are we words which can be said.


Language is like a canal for meanings.

But, how could such a sea fit in this canal?


Every piece of the soul’s world makes a new world,

but such a new world could never fit in someone’s mouth.

Divan-i Kebir, Volume 19, ghazal 269, verses 2756-2761, page 121.

Do Not Bother with the Foam (5/8/2022)

Do Not Bother with the Foam (5/8/2022)

When every day infamy spreads over an entire age,

the one who becomes famous is not a courageous man.

If you are looking for a pearl, dive deep into the ocean.

Do not bother with the foam on the shore.

Rubailer (2016), rubai 3, page 186.

The Rubaiyat of Rumi, The Ergin Translations ( 10/2022), rubai 373, volume 1.

Like the Sun (5/1/2022

O cupbearer, take some of the weight off of the drunks.

It’s hard to see anyone of value

who isn’t being crushed by troubles and worries.


O rose-faced, cypress-statured Beauty,

come to the rose garden.

You won’t find anything which gives better shade than the cypress. Continue reading “Like the Sun (5/1/2022”