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My Real Being (4/9/17)

My Real Being (4/9/17)

First, I learned about myself by imitating others.

Although I was aware of my existence, I didn’t comprehend my being.

Because I didn’t see, because I didn’t recognize myself, I was only hearing my name.

When I went out of myself, I saw my real being.

                                                    Rubailer, Page 24, Rubai #4

It Is Time (1/1/17)

It Is Time (1/1/17)

How long will we be satisfied by the shapes and appearances of time?

How long will we watch and sniff after existence?

I am tired of the materials and creatures of the present; it is time to see that Beauty of Beauties.

But, when I look at Him, I see my image. When I look at myself, I see His.

                                                    Rubailer, Page 296, Rubai #2


God’s Appearance (6/19/16)

God's Appearance (6/19/16)

God’s Appearance (6/19/16)

Every creature in the universe is God’s appearance.

Every event, everything has existed in the Divine Consciousness before.

Every particle comes from the whole.

But, that does not mean the whole divides into particles all the time.

                                                     Rubailer, Page 225, Rubai #4